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 Spectral Force 3

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PostSubject: Spectral Force 3   Thu Mar 13, 2008 7:39 pm

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

Combo Count (25 points): Get 100 combos during a mission
Senjin Count (25 points): Get 50 Senjin combos
Enemy General Defeat Count (25 points): Defeat 500 enemy generals
Total Damage Count (25 points): Get a 10,0000 total damage score in a mission
Mission Score (25 points): Get an "S" rank in a mission
Zakiphon (25 points): Zakiphon joins your team
Chik (25 points): Chik joins your team
Chris (25 points): Chris joins your team
Lange (25 points): Lange joins your team
Mayura (25 points): Mayura joins your team
Sugata (25 points): Sugata joins your team
Lamia (25 points): Lamia joins your team
Orochimaru (25 points): Orochimaru joins your team
Rengeki (25 points): Rengeki joins your team
Hototogisu (25 points): Hototogisu joins your team
Unknown (25 points): A special member joins your team
Unknown (25 points): Another special member joins your team
Little Snow (25 points): Little Snow joins your team
Al (25 points): Al joins your team
Break (25 points): Break joins your team
Culture (25 points): Culture joins your team
Legal Lily (25 points): Legal Lily joins your team
Rulia Bull (25 points): Rulia Bull joins your team
Primrose (25 points): Primrose joins your team
Margaret (25 points): Margaret joins your team
Forto (25 points): Forto joins your team
Tina (25 points): Tina joins your team
Rato (25 points): Rato joins your team
Rim (25 points): Rim joins your team
Anita (25 points): Anita joins your team
Kirat (25 points): Kirat joins your team
7th Generation Hamaou (25 points): 7th Generation Hamaou joins your team
Trickblue (25 points): Trickblue joins your team
Inuou (25 points): Inuou joins your team
Luche (25 points): Luche joins your team
Gyufee II (25 points): Gyufee II joins your team
Shima Zwei (25 points): Shima Zwei joins your team
Maria (25 points): Maria joins your team
Fuuya (25 points): Fuuya joins your team
Nyan (25 points): Nyan joins your team


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Number of posts : 1289
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PostSubject: Re: Spectral Force 3   Tue Apr 13, 2010 2:03 pm

Battle Formations 25
Performed Battle Formation 50 times
Just preform Battle formations as soon as you get access to them. To preform a Battle Formation you need the BF gage to be 25 or higher, no retreated allies, and must be used at the begining of a party member's turn. To fill the BF gage just do combos and use either assist for a 5 point increase, or teamwork for a 10 point increase.
Total Enemies Defeated 25
Defeated 500 total enemies
As you progress through the game you will encounter plenty of enemies to kill. Defeat 500 and the achievement will unlock, you should earn by the time you get to the end of the game.
Max Combo Hits 25
Dealt 100 hits or more in a combo during a mission
As soon as Begina hits level 31, he learns Cressent Strike. Just go into a battle where there are six enemies lined up, SP boost the 400 SP needed. By the third turn you should be able to unleash a Cressent strike. If there are six people there, you will do a 102 hit combo.

There is an opportunity when you decide to complete "Destroy the New Mucromachi Army" mission. The group with Hiro in it, does not move until the group to the right of the screen is dead. So just have Begina go onto the beach and deal a Cressent strike on the whole group. you should deal a 133 Combo, and do over 10,000 Damage.
Total Damage 25
Dealt 10,000 or more total damage in a combo during a mission
See "Max Combo Hits" achievement.

S Rank 25
Earn an S rank in a mission
You should get this later into the game. Just finish each stage quickly as possible, with max combos(I.E. "Max Combo Hits" achievement), no Ally retreats, and be on a Hard stage.

Easiest place to get this is when you go to Destroy the Underworld army. There are a lot of enemies there which are weak. Just Use Orochimaru, Begina, Shimazwei, Eunice, Cassius, and Diaz.

The enemies love to group themselves together on this mission, which makes destroying their level 3 Techs are fairly easy using the Cressent Strike. As soon as you easily beat their first enemy General Break. Begina will power up you whole team giving them max SP. I suggest you leave the underworld army until you are at least level 42 for the group, until it is one of the four remaining kingdoms left. This way you will easily get a S rank as soon as you finish the first battle.
Special Character 1 25
Recruited Special Character 1
Earn the Mercenary King Rank, then select Prodigy of Flame. Once that is completed you should unlock Hiro, which will unlock the achievement.
Zakifon 25
Recruited Zakifon
Zackifon will join your team once you complete the Possible Pursuers mission.
Chic 25
Recruited Chic
First you need to talk to Cassius then the mission Gun Obsession will unlock, complete the mission. You need to recruit both Shimazwei, Fuya, and have one of their guns maxed out, have either Shimazwei or Fuya talk to Chic while they have a maxed out weapon and Chic will join your team.
Chris 25
Recruited Chris
This one is easy to miss.

Do the mission "Because it is Midnight". just defend the throne for 10 turns, DO NOT kill Chris. He is the only enemy in that stage that must not die. After the battle Begina, and Cassius will have a discussion with Chris (depending if you did not kill him) and he will join.
Langeais 25
Recruited Langeais
Langeais will join you after you complete "A Wave of Ghosts" mission.
Mayura 25
Recruited Mayura
Complete the "Sasquatch Rampage" mission, when Mayura appears have Begina go near her. This will trigger a conversation. She will leave. After you finish the stage she will come back, have a conversation with you and join your team.
Sugata 25
Recruited Sugata
Complete "Terror in the Tundra" mission. You must have Mayura, and Lamia recruited for this mission to appear.
Lamia 25
Recruited Lamia
During the "Suspicious Nieghbors" mission, have Mayura hit Lamia once. This will trigger a conversation, and at the end of the battle she will join your team. You need to talk to Mayura as soon as you get her to trigger this mission.
Orochimaru 25
Recruited Orochimaru
For him and Hototogisu complete the mission "Hiryu of the Far East". You have to have Rangeki, Eunice, and Chulcha talk to him. He will then join after the battle as long as either he or Hototogisu don't die. Bewarned Hototogisu likes to be suicidal and run into a large group of enemies by herself.
Rengeki 25
Recruited Rengeki
You must have Eunice, and Chulcha recruited then do Wandering Samurai. Just complete the mission and he will join your team.
Hototogisu 25
Recruited Hototogisu
See "Orochimaru"
Special Character II 25
Recruited Special Character II.
Only your Second playthrough can you recruit Judou. Just complete the "Dark Royalty" mission. You will need to have recruited Little Snow.
Little Snow 25
Recruited Little Snow
Complete the mission "Snow Queen", Just make sure she survives the mission.To unlock this mission you need to talk to Eunice, at least if you want this mission on Break's playthrough. After talking to Eunice The "Snow Queen" mission will unlock.
Al 25
Recruited Al
Complete "The Battle God" mission, and do not let Al die.

You need to choose who you will destroy first, either the Nameless army, or Underworld Army. This mission will only appear if you defeated the Nameless Army first and the Underworld Army. The Overlord Armyis must still alive.
Break 25
Recruited Break
Complete the mission "Soul Sinner".

This mission will only appear if you destroyed the Underworld Army before the Namless Army. The Nameless Army does need to be destroyed though before this mission will unlock.
Culcha 25
Recruited Culcha
Complete "The Problem With Goblins" mission, do not attack her, or her mother. She will join you after the battle.
Regal Lily 25
Recruited Regal Lily
Just do Elf Royalty's Request. attack the mage/priest you see in the middle of 4 swordsmen. She will then drop her disguise. She will still attack you, but just leave her alone. Kill the remaining enemies, and wait until turn 10.

If she was left alone, and still alive she will give you a choice answer "Of course", and she will join your team.
Lilia Ple 25
Recruited Lilia Ple
Do the "Mixed Blood" mission. Have Dragan talk to her, and have her survive the battle. she will join after the mission.
Primrose 25
Recruited Primrose
Create a Steel Breastplate, and her mission "Imprisoned Sorcerer" will appear. Just complete it, and she will join your team.
Margaret 25
Recruited Margaret
Do the "Hunt Elves" mission. At the end of the mission she will give you a choice. let her join your team.
Folt 25
Recruited Folt
See "Tina"
Tina 25
Recruited Tina
You must recruit Rato, Kiratt, Rimm, and Anita. Then the mission "Pure Heart" will appear. Complete the mission with out Rato, Kiratt, Rimm, Anita, Folt, or Tina dying. The higher your teams levels the easier this will be.
Rato 25
Recruited Rato
Complete the "Dragon Jewel" mission, she will join once you complete the mission.
Rimm 25
Recruited Rimm
Complete the "Aid Local Commerce" mission, she will ask to join once you complete the mission.
Anita 25
Recruited Anita
Get a 21 hit Combo on the "Evaluation: mission. Easily done, once 2 enemies are lined up in a straigh line infront of Cassius. Just have him do 6-7 light attack for 12-14 hit combo, then use teamwork,and switch it over to Begina. Have him attack until the counter say 17 hits, then have Begina do a Thunder Sword(blade?) attack to get the meter up to 21. Then just complete the mission, and she will join your team.
Kiratt 25
Recruited Kiratt
Complete the "Retrieve the Baubles" mission, Kiratt will ask to join once you finish the mission.
The 7th Hamaou 25
Recruited The 7th Hamaou
You mett him in the "Wasted Talent" Mission. Just complete the objective of making Radui retreat and he will join.
Trick Blue 25
Recruited Trick Blue
Do the "Retrieve Rare Minerals" mission, He will appear when most of the enemies are dead, or during turn three. Just find the item he is looking for. He will offer to join your party if you give him his item that you have found.
Inuou 25
Recruited Inuou
Complete the "The Strongest" mission, he will join your party once you complete this mission.
Luche 25
Recruited Luche
She will appear in the "Minstral" mission. She will appear near the end, just make sure she stays alive. She Automatically joins your party after the battle.
Gyufee II 25
Recruited Gyufee II
Complete "The Hope of a Kingdom" mission, Gyufee II will join once you complete the mission.
Shimazwei 25
Recruited Shimazwei
Go to converse and talk to Cassius, this will unlock "Key Figure of a certain country" mission. Get Begina to where Shimazwei is, and the mission will end. He will join at the end of the mission. This should be the first achievement you get in this game.
Malimar 25
Recruited Malimar
Malimar will join your party once you complete the "Brownie" mission.
Fuya 25
Recruited Fuya
During the "Two of a Kind" mission have Shimazwei talk to Fuya. Then complete the mission, he will join your team at the end of the mission.
Nyan 25
Recruited Nyan
Complete the "What Lurks in the Forrest" mission. Nyan will join your party once you complete the mission.


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Spectral Force 3
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