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 Lode Runner

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PostSubject: Lode Runner   Tue Jun 30, 2009 7:43 pm


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Gold Star (15 points): Complete the first stage of the 1P [color:747a=blue !important][color:747a=blue !important]Journey.
    Gold, Mine (30 points): Complete the 1P [color:747a=blue !important][color:747a=blue !important]Journey.
    Mother Lode (15 points): Collect 8 bronze medals in Hang On (main [color:747a=blue !important][color:747a=blue !important]game).
    Big Ore-Deal (20 points): Complete 30 of the 1P Puzzles.
    Double Up (15 points): Complete the first stage of the Co-op Journey.
    Double Down (30 points): Complete the Co-op Journey.
    [color:747a=blue !important][color:747a=blue !important]Metal of Honor (10 points): Win 5 Last Man matches (original levels) on Xbox LIVE.
    [color:747a=blue !important][color:747a=blue !important]Gold [color:747a=blue !important]Rush (10 points): Collect 5000 pieces of gold.
    Treasure Hunter (15 points): Unearth 20 hidden enemies and steal their treasure.
    Blast Off (10 points): Without blasting, collect all gold and complete level 3-1 of the 1P Journey.
    Fool's Gold (15 points): Steal all gold from trapped enemies and complete level 3-1 of the 1P Journey.
    Golden Rule (15 points): In a single [color:747a=blue !important][color:747a=blue !important]game and without killing an enemy, complete the first stage of the 1P Journey.


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Lode Runner
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