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 Mini Ninjas

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PostSubject: Mini Ninjas   Tue Jun 30, 2009 7:49 pm

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

Off You Go (20 points): Completed basic training.
Found Futo (10 points): Find Futo.
Found Suzume (10 points): Find and free Suzume.
Found Shun (10 points): Find and free Shun.
Found Kunoichi (10 points): Find and free Kunoichi.
Found Tora (10 points): Find and free Tora.
Lost and Found (20 points): Retrieve all five missing ninja.
Off The Richter Scale (30 points): Defeat Boss Lumbering Fool.
Smell You Later (30 points): Defeat Boss Windy Pants.
Tripped and fell (30 points): Defeat Boss Timid Swimmer.
Crash landing (30 points): Defeat Boss Screeching Owl.
Restore Balance (40 points): Defeat the Evil Samurai Warlord.
Animal Friend (100 points): Free all caged animals.
Tree Hugger (10 points): Shake 15 trees.
Sage of Philosophy (50 points): Reach level cap.
Avalanche (10 points): Defeat an enemy as a snowball.
Smooth Sailing (10 points): Flawless Great River Canyon rafting.
Little Ninja (50 points): Complete game on easy or medium difficulty.
Hard Little Ninja (100 points): Complete game on hard difficulty.
Bow Before Me (20 points): Defeat 50 enemies with the bow.
Stop! Futo Time! (20 points): Use Futo in combat on all levels.
Eat My Dust (10 points): Travel far in full gallop.
Pied Piper (10 points): Incite 50 enemies to dance.
Poker (10 points): Defeat 30 spearmen with the spear.
Don't Blame it on the Sunshine (10 points): Bring sunshine to all denizens of the graveyard.
No Conjurer of Cheap Tricks (20 points): Expend 1500 Ki using Kuji magic.
Now You See Me... (40 points): Defeat 100 enemies with stealth attack.
Big Guy (10 points): Defeat a large one.
Boardom (10 points): Defeat 10 enemies as the boar.
Bear With Me (10 points): Defeat 10 enemies as the bear.
Silent Assas... Ninja (50 points): Complete a level without being seen.
Botanist (30 points): Collect one of each ingredient.
Completist (100 points): Collect all Jizo statues.
Tengu Friend (40 points): Complete all Wandering Tengu quests.
Sightseeing (30 points): Visit all temples.


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Mini Ninjas
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