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PostSubject: SOCOM 2   Tue Jan 02, 2007 2:01 pm

# Bonus characters

Successfully complete the game on the Commander difficulty setting to unlock new characters on the "Extra" menu. Successfully complete the game on the Admiral difficulty setting to unlock Feral.
# Captain difficulty setting

Successfully complete the game on the Commander difficulty setting to unlock the Captain difficulty setting.
# Admiral difficulty setting

Successfully complete the game on the Commander difficulty setting to unlock the Admiral difficulty setting.
# All SEAL weapons

Successfully complete the game on Ensign difficulty setting. You will also get the 12 gauge pump shotgun and the semi automatic shotgun.
# Songs

Successfully complete the game on the indicated difficulty setting to unlock the corresponding song in the Jukebox option:

Beach Bossa: Captain
Brazilicious: Captain.
Contortion: Lieutenant.
Dance Of The Unknown: Lieutenant.
Dark In Your Heart: Captain.
Gnostec: Lieutenant.
Infiltrator: Lieutenant.
Insertion Suite: Lieutenant.
KGM: Lieutenant.
SOCOM II Finale: Captain.
Tari Tari: Lieutenant.

# Seeing without night vision goggles

Adjust the contrast on your screen or your brightness for dark levels on multi-player and single player levels. This will make night vision goggles unnecessary. This works very well on Frostfire and ShadowFalls and can be done in single player mode and online. Also, if you do not have night vision on dark levels, switch to secondary weapon and press Up on the D-pad.
# Third person night vision goggles during online play

Whenever you are in a level that allows you to use night vision goggles (for example, Shadowfalls, Rats Nest, Desert Glory), you can eliminate first person night vision goggles. To do this, hold Select and press Up(2), Back, Up. The night vision goggles will now be activated, but the view will be in the normal third person. This makes game play and vision much easier.
# Ammo conservation

During the game, press on Force Reload (R3) before you run out of ammo for that clip. The number of clips you have remaining is on the top right corner of the weapon stat icon. You must have at least one clip, or you will not be able to "revive" your ammo. If you are low on ammo, kill someone, then pick up their gun. Pick yours back up and you will then have full ammo.
# Secret headset commands

Yell "Intimidate" into the headset while your crosshairs are on the enemy to make him/her surrender more easily. Your SEAL team will then yell at the enemy to "Get on your knees!", "Drop your weapon!", or "Hands in the air!". In single player mode, say "Able report status" and "Bravo report status" to hear what your Fireteam is doing. While fireteam is in hold fire mode, aim at a target and for example say "Bravo kill target". They will break hold fire only to kill the target you are aiming at. You can also use "Able kill target". This works very well if able is carrying a sniper rifle.
# Bonus objectives

There are many different ways to achieve bonus objectives. In almost every level, you can complete a bonus objective by listening in on conversations (for example, in the first level, sneak up and hide in the bushes from the first two sentries), or there are other ways by gathering intel, capturing Bosses, recon sentries, or blowing something up (for example, in the last level, place C4 on the helicopter).
# Easy sniper rifle in Seeding Chaos

After meeting with the informant Mallard, go to the largest section of ruin just past the building that you met him in. There should be a guard patrolling it and a few boxes of ammunition lying around. Once at this ruin, turn left so that you are facing towards the road that connects to the bridge. There should be a small section of wall, on which a Sr-25 SD is located. Getting this weapon will allow you to kill the guards and the sniper in the watchtower easier, which should prevent the alarm from being raised.
# Under submarine in Chain Reaction

In the center of the Chain Reaction level, at the bottom there is a submarine. There a small path that leads to into the submarine. To your left or right (depending on which side you entered), there are some boxes. If you climb them while running into the wall next to you you will fall onto the floor under the submarine. Note: Do not walk out of the submarine or you will be trapped.
# Disappearing rocket

Take out your rocket launcher. Face it down and launch it. When this is done, you will not see it blow up on the ground. You will see it go flying and when you look in that direction it will be gone.


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