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 The Secret Of Monkey Island: Special Edition

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PostSubject: The Secret Of Monkey Island: Special Edition   Fri Aug 07, 2009 11:19 am

Secret Achievements

The Three Trials 25
Completed Part One: The Three Trials. Guybrush proved himself worthy to be a pirate.
Complete the first chapter, The Three Trails to unlock this.
Story related and cant be missed.

The Journey 25
Complete Part Two: The Journey. Guybrush used a voodoo spell to travel to Monkey Island™
Complete the second chapter, The Journey to unlock this.
Story related and cant be missed.

Under Monkey Island 25
Completed Part Three: Under Monkey Island. Guybrush traveled into the Monkey Head and got the root.
Complete the second chapter, The Journey to unlock this.
Story related and cant be missed.

Guybrush Kicks Butt 45
Completed Last Part: Guybrush Kicks Butt. Guybrush stopped LeChuck from marrying Elaine Marley.
Complete the second chapter, The Journey to unlock this.
Story related and cant be missed.

Sharp Tongue 15
Guybrush learned all of the insults, and is the wittiest/deadliest pirate what ever swung a sword.
On the map head to the fork and wait for a pirate to walk up to you. Save your game here, once a pirate attacks you say "My name is Guybrush Threepwood. Prepare to die!" Continue to insult each other until you unlock all 16 insults.

Insults and comebacks Thread

Ten Minutes Later... 10
Guybrush can hold his breath for 10 minutes, but not any longer than that.
You will get to a point in the game where you steal the Idol from the mansion, the guard will throw you into the water. Before this happens after talking to Elane make sure you save the game so you can reload after. When you try to go outside you are thrown into water by the guard, all you have to do is wait for 10 minutes and the achievement will unlock. Make sure you save first though as you will need to reload your game.

Escape Artist 10
Escaped from the monkey island cannibals hut 5 times.
This is done by lifting the skull and loose board, going through the hole and then re-entering the village. Walk over to the big stone head and towards the exit and the cannibals should return, do this 5 times.

RecordKeeper 10
Collected all of the notes and memos sent between Herman Toothrot, LeChuck and the Cannibals.
There are 9 different notes and memos to collect, they can be found on the beaches in chapter "Under Money island".

1. When you start the chapter on the tree.
2. When in the map go to left it on the beach below the volcano
3. Right side of map head to the River Ford its Under rock.
4. After number 3 cross the river and climb the cliff to the Footholds. You will see it.
5. Carry on up the cliff and you will see the next note
6. Click on POND at the end of the river, to the right Pick up note.
7. Top right edge of the map
8. After you have been captured
9. Top right edge of map

Human Cannonball 10
Finished the entire game in record time. We hope you were wearing a helmet!
Just like the description says beat the game in under 3 hours, this shouldn't be to difficulty if you have played through the game once before. Skip past all cut scenes as this will save you time.

Old School 5
Experienced the original, classic adventure game, as it was in the early 90s.
Just press to flip the screen to the retro mode to unlock this first achievement.

Determined 10
Completed the game without using any hints.
You will get this if you don't prompt yourself with hints by pressing . Avoid asking for hints and the achievement will unlock once you finish the game.

Marooned Everyone 10
Re-marooned Herman Toothrot and marooned Carla, Otis and Meathook on Monkey Island™.
To get this you need to see both endings. You need to sink the Sea Monkey and keep it afloat. If you want to do this in one playthrough you must save the game when you get to the River Fork.

1st Ending:
Push the rock off 2 sink the ship and go on to complete the game.

2nd Ending:
Move the Art so that it is facing the tree instead.


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PostSubject: Re: The Secret Of Monkey Island: Special Edition   Fri Aug 07, 2009 11:19 am

[a]--- Prologue:

"I'm Guybrush Threepwood and I want to be a mighty pirate", and so starts one of
the greatest PCs games ever made, which has now been remade.
Guybrush finds himself at the Lookout Point - and overlook located on top of the
highest point of Meléé Island. Walk off the bottom of the screen towards town.

Optional: For extra story info talk to the old man at the Lookout Point. He will
tell you to go to the Scumm Bar for info on how to become a pirate.

As you leave lookout point and head to town the game proper starts...

[b]--- Part One: The Three Trials:

Walk along the dock to the east (walking west takes you back to the lookout
point, and if you walk under its archway you access the Meléé Island map) until
you come to the Scumm Bar. Open the door and enter.

The Scumm Bar:

Head into the back of the bar towards the kitchen door area. You'll find the
three important pirates here.

Optional: Talk to the pirates, and they will tell you what you need to do to
become a pirate with them, namely pass the three trials: Thievery, Sword Mastery
and "Treasure Hunter-y".

Walk to the kitchen door. If you open it, the cook will scream at you to leave
the kitchen. Wait for the cook to leave the kitchen and off screen. Walk into
the kitchen. Pick up the meat on the counter, and the cooking pot under the
counter. Walk to the kitchen's back door, We want to pick up that red fish ("A
Red Herring" lol) however, when we walk to it, a seagull swoops down and starts
pecking at it, and Guybrush won’t pick it up whilst the bird is there in case it
attacks him. Walk to the far edge of the dock that the fish and bird are on. The
board will flick up scaring the bird away. Do this a few times so that bird is
as far away as possible, then nip back to the fish and pick it up. Leave the
Scumm Bar, and head west back to the lookout point, walk thru the arch to access
the Meléé Island map. Walk to the "Clearing" by clicking on it.

The Circus:

Welcome to the Fettuccini Brother's circus. The two circus performers are inside
the big top tent, bickering and arguing over who will be the first to try their
new trick - the Human Cannonball trick.

Talk to the brothers to interrupt them. Offer to try the trick. They will ask
if you have a helmet, give them the pot (using the GIVE command, not the USE

You'll be put in the cannon, it'll be fired, Guybrush will fly out of it,
missing the straw bale totally and hitting the main mast. Just as well he had
the pot eh? Oh, but what a shame it fell off his head before the impact. You are
fine though.

The brothers give you 478 pieces of eight as a thank you - and no doubt
compensation for any brain damage that may have been done. ("I was fired out of
a cannon as a human cannonball, but my boss hadn't given me proper headwear,
that’s when I phoned Claims Direct!")

Return to Meléé island town (marked Village on the map.)

Head East, past the Scumm Bar, and into the town proper. Ignore the guy on the
corner for now, instead open the brown door on the right hand side of the lane
that leads up the clock. This takes you to the Voodoo lady's den.

Voodoo Lady's Den
Pick up the rubber chicken.

Optional: Once you have picked up the rubber chicken you don’t need to do
here and you can leave. However, you may want to talk to the Voodoo Lady for
lots of back-story, funny stories and Monkey Lore. When you leave her den, you
can also talk to the three pirates on the street. They serve no essential
purpose in the game, but again you can get some back-story and hints on what to
do here.

Once you have the rubber chicken, leave the Voodoo lady's den, and walk north
under the clock.

You are now in another area of town. From East to West the important locations
here are: the general store, then there's an alley-way, and then a church, then
the prison. Finally, the far western archway leads you to the Governor's

Go to the store, open the door and enter. Pick up the sword (lower floor, near
the storekeeper), and the shovel (upper floor, left of the safe). Talk to the
Storekeeper (Charming fellow he is... not) Ask about the sword and shovel to pay
for them. You cannot leave without paying, that storekeeper is always watching

Ask him if there is anyone you can test the sword on, and he will tell you about
the sword master. Ask him to ask the sword master if she will help you. The
answer will be no, so instead we need to follow the storekeeper to the sword
master's secret hideout.

As soon as the storekeeper leaves, chase after him. He will lead you out of town
towards the lookout point, and then onto the Meléé Island map. Once on the map
screen you'll see the Storekeeper's icon go to the "Fork". Go there. You'll see
the Storekeeper disappearing off into the forest. Follow him quickly. He'll take
you along various screens of the forest before finally leading you to the secret
hideout of the Sword Master. On the journey you will pass some yellow flowers,
very quickly pick them up, you'll need them later.

After a brief scene of the Storekeeper talking to the Sword Master you will gain
control again. Go west back to the forest and you'll be back on the Meléé Island
map. The Secret Hideout of the Sword Master will now be clickable on the map for
quick access.

Alternatively, if you don't want to follow the storekeeper you can go directly
to the Sword Master by going in the following directions from the "Fork".....

North | You should see the yellow flowers. Pick them up. | North | East | East
| West | North | Push the signpost. Cross the bridge, by going east. You've
found the Sword master! As before, the Secret Hideout of the Sword Master will
now be clickable on the map for quick access.

Now we can go and complete the trials proper. The three trials can be completed
in any order, you don't have to exactly follow the order I do them in if you
wish, this is just the quickest way for me personally to do them.

First up....

[1]... Trial One: Sword Mastery

On the Meléé Island map on the far east corner is a house. Go there. On the way
there, you'll be stopped by a troll wanting a Toll. Give him the Red Herring to

Knock on the door of the house and ask for sword training. It will cost you 30
pieces of eight. Captain Smirk (the sword trainer) will ask to see your sword
(oo-er) and you show him (lucky we went to the store and bought one, eh?!)

Capt. Smirk will take you inside his house and teach you the basics of Insult
Sword fighting. Once trained, Guybrush will find himself stood outside the
house, feeling ripped off.

We're not yet good enough to fight the sword master, so go back to the Meléé
Island map. You will see various pirate icons swarming around the map's roads.
Click on any one, and you'll be taken to a scene of Guybrush confronting a
pirate on the road. Say "I'm Guybrush Threepwood, prepare to die!" to start the
Insult Sword Fighting Duel.

The trick to insult sword fighting is returning a wittier insult than your
opponent uses. Initially you have two very useless insults, and you WILL lose a
number of duals before you are good enough to fight the sword master. Make a
note of the insults your opponent uses, then use them against your opponent.
Rinse and repeat. After about ten duals or so you should have enough insults and
their witty replies to be starting to win duals.

Once you have won three duals, pirates will start commenting that you are good
enough to fight the sword master.

At this time you might want to practice some more, to make sure you have all the
answers to all available insults, or you can go to the sword master and
challenge her.


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PostSubject: Re: The Secret Of Monkey Island: Special Edition   Fri Aug 07, 2009 11:20 am

Full list of Sword Fighting Insults/Replies

Note: I may not have the wording 100% accurate here but you'll certainly be able
to tell which insult/replies I'm talking about.

Insult: This is the END for you, you gutter-crawling cur
Reply: And I've got a TIP for you, get the POINT!

Insult: Soon you'll be wearing my sword like a shish kebab!
Reply: First you'd better stop waving it like a feather duster!

Insult: I'll use my hankerchief to wipe up your blood
Reply: You got that job as Janitor after all!

Insult: People usually fall at my feet when they see me coming
Reply: Even BEFORE they've smelt your breath?

Insult: I once owned a dog that was smarter than you
Reply: He must have taught you everything you know

Insult: You make me want to puke
Reply: You make me think someone already did!

Insult: Nobody has drawn blood from me and no one ever will
Reply: You run THAT fast?

Insult: You fight like a dairy farmer!
Reply: How appropriate you fight like a cow!

Insult: I got this scar on my face from my last great battle
Reply: I trust now you've learnt to stop picking your nose

Insult: I've heard you are a contemptible sneak
Reply: Too bad no one has heard of you at all!

Insult: You're no match for my brain you poor fool!
Reply: I've be in real trouble if you ever used them!

Insult: You have the manners of a begger!
Reply: I wanted to make sure you were comfortable with me!

Insult: I wont take your insolence sitting down!
Reply: Your Haemmoroids are playing up again huh?

Insult: There are no words for how disgusting you are
Reply: Yes there are, you just never learnt them!

Insult: I've spoken to apes more polite than you
Reply: Im glad to hear you attended your family reunion

Insult: Have you stopped wearing diapers yet?
Reply: Why? Do you want to borrow one?

Note: One of the Xbox 360 achievements requires you to have learned all the
insults and their replies, so it's worth practicing some more if you are playing
on the 360 until you have the full list and the achievement has dinged.

On the map, click on the Sword Master's secret hideout. Once you are there tell
her that you are Guybrush Threepwood and that you are going to kill her.

The dual begins....

.... but wait, she's using totally different insults to the ones you learnt!
Nooooooooo! This cant be right?!

Well, it is right. In this dual you have to successfully reply to FIVE of the
Sword Masters insults. And yes, her insults may be different, but your replies
are still valid, so you need to work out which of your replies are correct.

For example, her insult of "You are a pain in the behind, sir!" can be
successfully countered with your reply of "Your hemorrhoids are playing up
again, eh?"

Full list of Carla's Sword Fighting Insults/Replies

Carla's Insult: My last fight ended with my hands covered in blood
Reply: I trust now you've learnt to stop picking your nose

Carla's Insult: My tongue is sharper than any sword
Reply: First you'd better stop waving it like a feather duster

Carla's Insult: Only once have I met such a coward
Reply: He must have taught you everything you know

Carla's Insult: My name is feared in every dirty corner of this island
Reply: You got that job as Janitor after all?

Carla's Insult: I will milk every drop of blood from your body
Reply: How appropriate, you fight like a cow

Carla's Insult: Every word you say to me is stupid
Reply: I wanted to make sure you were confortable with me

Carla's Insult: Have you a boat ready for a quick escape?
Reply: Why? Do you want to borrow one?

Carla's Insult: If your borther's like you, its better to marry a pig!
Reply: You make me think somebody already did

Carla's Insult: I've got the courage and skill of a master swordsman
Reply: I'd be in real trouble if you ever used them!

Carla's Insult: You are a pain in the backside, Sir.
Reply: Your Haemmoroids are playing up again huh?

Carla's Insult: There are no clever moves that can save you now
Reply: Yes there are, you just never learnt them.

Carla's Insult: No one will ever catch me fighting as badly as you do
Reply: You run THAT fast?

Carla's Insult: My sword is famous all over the Caribbean
Reply: Too bad no one's ever heard of YOU at all!

Carla's Insult: My wisest enemies run away at the meer sight of me
Reply: Even before they've smelt your breath?

Carla's Insult: I usually see people like you passed our on the tavern floors
Reply: Im glad to hear you attended your family reunion

Carla's Insult: Now I know what filth and stupidity really are:
Reply: Im glad to hear you attended your family reunion

Note: The last two insults listed there have the same reply. Thats not a typo,
both really do have the same answer. Smile

You need to counter five of Carla's insults to win. At the end of the dual
Carla, the sword master, will surrender and say you've
won. You'll receive a T-shirt as proof of beating the sword master for the

Optional: As with all three trials, after completing it you can return to the
Scumm Bar pirates and show them how successful you've been with the trial,
however you DO NOT have to do this to proceed with the game.

After completing your first trial a cut scene will play, where LeChuck's
lieutenant ("Bob") breaks the news about Guybrush's antics on the island. Bob
offers to take control of the matter, but LeChuck decides that he will deal with
Guybrush himself. Note: If you do the Thievery trial first, you will not see
this cut scene.

After the cut scene has finished, you can return to the pirates to brag about
your success in the trial, or alternatively, move on to....

[2]... Trial Two: Treasure Hunter-y

Return to the Meléé Island map, and click on the "village" location. From the
lookout point, head into town, keep going east until you are on the Clock Tower
screen. Here you will see a dodgy looking man in a flasher-mac, with a parrot on
his shoulder. Talk to him and he will ask you if have a brother called Sven.
Answer with "No but I had barber called Domonique". The dodgy man will offer to
sell you a treasure map for 300 pieces of eight. Buy it. On it are "Dancing
Instructions" and Guybrush thinks he's been ripped off, but actually they are
directions to the secret treasure of Meléé Island.

Return to the Meléé Island map, and click on the "Fork" location. From here you
need to head...

North | You should see the yellow flowers | West. You should see campsite |
North (Left path) | West | North | West - skeletal remains should be here |
North | North | East | West | North - You'll see a garden full of red flowers |

You are now at the treasure's secret location, and it seems that X really does
mark the spot. Use your shovel on the X and you'll dig up the treasure, and
refill the hole with the soil.

Optional: As with all three trials, after completing it you can return to the
Scumm Bar pirates and show them how successful you've been with the trial,
however you DO NOT have to do this to proceed with the game.

You can return to the pirates to brag about your success in the trial, or
alternatively, move on to....

[3]... Trial Three: Thievery

For this trial, you need to steal a golden idol from the Governors mansion.

Return to the Meléé Island map, and click on the Village. Head into town, go
through it to the screen with the church and the store. You'll see a "Pssssst"
on the screen coming from the alley-way, and with the new special edition,
you'll hear it too (w00t for voice acting!!!!).

Optional: You can go into the alley way if you want, but you do not have to do
this for the story to progress. When you go into the alley-way you are
confronted by Fester Shinetop, the town sheriff allegedly, he threatens you and
tells you that he has his eye on you. Leave the alleyway to go back to the
church/store screen and....

Head west, go through the arch to head towards the governor's mansion.

Outside the mansion are a tied up group of killer "Piranha Poodles", and
Guybrush will not go near the Mansions front door with those dogs there so we
need to do something... In your inventory, use the yellow flowers with the meat
from the Scumm bar. This creates "Meat with Condiments", give this to the
poodles, using the Give command not the Use command. This puts the poodles to
sleep, and Guybrush can now open the mansion door and enter. Do so.

Once inside, you can look around the mansion if you want. To progress with the
trial, enter the door immediately to the right of the entrance. I cut scene will
follow where Fester follows Guybrush and a fight ensues. After a few minutes of
automated adventuring, Guybrush finds the idol but its locked in a chest, he
appears from the upstairs door and declares he needs a file. You'll also find
some new junk in your inventory, some of which will be useful, some of which is
literally junk.

Leave the mansion, head back to the church screen area of town. West of the
church is the prison, go in there, and talk to the prisoner, Otis. Guybrush says
he will not talk to him ‘cos he's got halitosis (bad breath).

Return to the store, tell the storekeeper you need some breath mints, he will
sell you some. Return to the prison and give the breath mints to Otis. Also give
him the Gopher Repellant. Otis will give you a carrot cake in return, open it
and you'll find a file. Ohh silly, silly Otis! Doh!

Return to the mansion, click on the whole in the wall where the portrait used to
hang, and Guybrush will return to fighting Fester, and eventually appears from
the upstairs doors again, this time with the idol.

Fester follows you. Tell him the idol should be in a museum. The Governor will
appear and tell fester to buzz off. After a few awkward lurrrrve moments with
the Governor, Guybrush will regain control.

Hurray, you've completed the three trials, you can now go to the pirates and
join them. As you leave the Mansion though Fester arrests you.

You find yourself on the Dock in the village on Meléé Island. Fester has tied
the Idol around your ankles, and throws you into the water.

Note: You gain an Xbox 360 achievement here if you leave Guybrush underwater for
10 minutes.

There are loads of great tools to cut the rope holding Guybrush underwater but
they are all out of reach. So, instead, pick up the idol and walk to the ladder.
Guybrush will pick up a Sword on the way too for good measure.

When you return to the docks, you'll see LeChuck’s ghost ship sail off into the
sunset (proverbially speaking, as it's nighttime). The old lookout gentleman
comes and tells you that the Governor has been kidnapped by LeChuck. Guybrush
decides he needs to form a crew, get a ship, and sail off after the evil Ghost
Pirate and his future "Plunder Bunny" Elaine Marley - Governor of Meléé Island.

NOTE: You no longer need to return to the pirates of the Scumm Bar. In fact, if
you do you will find they are gone.

[cr]--- Finding a Ship and Crew

First of all lets get a crew together. We need three crew members.

[cr1]---Crew Member 1: Carla the Sword Master

She's the easiest crew member to obtain. Simply return to her hideout, tell her
the governor has been kidnapped and she will return to your crew.

[cr2]---Crew Member 2: Meathook

Go to the Meléé Island map screen. In the Northeast corner of the map you will
find Hook Island. Go there. Use the rubber chicken with the transfer line.
You'll slide over to the island. Go to the house's door, open it, go inside.

Inside is Meathook. A man who for years has lived in fear of a terrible beast
hidden in his basement. Tell him the governor has been kidnapped, suggest that
you should get a crew together and get a ship and go after LeChuck. Meathook
agrees to join your crew if you face the terrible beast in the basement.

Meathook takes you to the back of the house and opens up the high security area
of the basement. Open the final wooden door, then touch/poke/tickle the parrot

Note: Once the parrot's door is open, your usually commands will change to a set
of commands that basically just touch the parrot in some odd way. Any of these
commands will progress the story.

After touching the bird, Meathook agrees to join your crew.

[cr3]---Crew Member 3: Otis, the Prisoner

Return to the Meléé Island map screen, click on the village, and return to the
Scumm bar. Pick up all the mugs on the tables, head to the back of the bar area,
and pick up the mugs on the table that has the cook sobbing at it.

Optional: You can talk to the cook and get some back-story on the kidnapping of
Elaine, and how she was such a big help to the cook. You don’t need do this to
progress the story but there’s some funny lines in the dialog which make it
listening too.

Go into the kitchen - the cook wont stop you, he's too busy sobbing - and use a
mug with grog barrel in the corner.

Leave the Scumm bar.

Note: The grog is slowly eating through the mug. On screen you will see how bad
the mug has deteriorated, and how close to death it is. Before the mug totally
collapses, use it with a fresh mug. Guybrush will tip the grog into the fresh
mug, which again starts to slowly be eaten away.

Quickly return to the prison, making sure to pour grog into fresh mugs on the
way, then "use" the grog on the prison lock. This releases Otis. Ask him to be
in your crew, he tricks you and leaves, but does return to be on the crew before
you sail so it's not a problem that he's tricked you at the moment.


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PostSubject: Re: The Secret Of Monkey Island: Special Edition   Fri Aug 07, 2009 11:21 am

[cr4]---Get a ship:

With a full crew enlisted, its times to get a ship for them to sail in.

Return to the Meléé Island map, click on the bright lights. This takes you to
"Stan’s Previously Owned Vessels". Stan is a maniac. Wearing a bright, long,
plaid jacket, he talks like the car salesman from hell, and waves his arms
around like he's talking in semaphore.

Tell him you want to buy a cheap boat. He takes you to the boat at the top of
the jetty. The famous "Sea Monkey". When he asks you how much you have to spend,
tell him you want it on credit. He refuses, but tells you the storekeeper will
give credit to people with jobs. Ah-haaaaa, I see some credit on the horizon,
skipper! As you leave Stan's to go to the storekeeper, Stan jumps you again and
gives you a compass and his business guide.

Return to the Meléé Island map, go to the village, and return to the
storekeeper. Tell him you'd like some credit. He asks you if you have a job, say
of course.

IMPORTANT: At this point save your game, and pay close attention to the
Storekeeper's safe lock. He walks up the stairs to the safe, and opens it. This
is the safe's combination. Make sure you remember it!

When the storekeeper comes back to his desk, he asks you your job. Any reply
here will have the same effect, he'll refuse to give you credit. He will return
to the safe and put the credit note back. This action gives you a second chance
to witness and remember the safe's combination.

When he's returned to his desk again, ask him if he can ask the sword master one
more time if she would train him. He reluctantly agrees to go ask, and leaves
the store. With the store master gone, you can go to the safe and open it.

NOTE: The combination varies each game, so i cannot list it here, but you move
the handle using the PUSH and PULL commands. If you make a mistake, the lock
returns to the start position and you must start over.

When you have successfully opened the safe, a fanfare will trumpet and Guybrush
will automatically pick up the credit note.

Leave the store, and return to Stan. Ask him to show you the cheap boat again.
When he asks how you want to pay, tell him you have a credit note from the store
keeper. He accepts it glee.

This is where things get a bit tricky. You have to negotiate with Stan to get
the price down so that he will accept the maximum value of the credit note -
5000 pieces of eight - for the ship.

To do this, ask about extras, when Stan tells you about an extra say you can
live without that piece of junk. Repeat this until Stan starts to talk about
extras you've already been told about. At this point say "enough about extras
already". There will be approximately 10 extras before Stan starts to repeat

At this point, ask Stan how much he thinks the ship is worth. He will say
something silly like 7k or even more.

Tell him you think you should think about it, and try to leave. When Stan asks
you to return, do so. Ask about some more extras - 2 or 3 will do - then ask the
price again. If it's still over 6k, leave and come back. Then ask about extras
yet again. Keep repeating this until Stan says the boat is worth somewhere
between the 5000 and 6000 pieces of eight mark. The common value at this point
is 5800. At this point say you want to make an offer, and offer 5000 pieces of
eight. Stan will reluctantly agree.

Viola you have a ship. He will meet you at the Docks to pick her up.

Go to the Docks. Stan will greet you there, make some spiel about having many
offers for the boat while it was sat there, but he refused. The mast drops off
the boat and Stan makes a hasty retreat. At this point your crew turns up, and
you are ready to set sail for Monkey Island.

[c]--- Part Two: The Journey:

Your crew are utter gits. They refuse to do any work, and spend their time
sunbathing on the deck. Guybrush finds himself stood on the deck with the lazy
crew sunbathing.

Go up the mast and pick up the jolly roger (pirate) flag. Return to the deck and
go into the captains bedroom. Open the desk drawer, look inside and pick up the
book. Pick up the feather pen/quill, and the ink pot. Note the cabinet next to
the bed, you need a key for this to open in.

Leave the captain's bedroom, and go down the hatch to the lower deck. (This
access point can be hard to see, but directly behind the crew members, at the
bottom of the mast area.) You are in a room that has one room going off it, and
one room going further down. Go down to the very bottom of the ship.

Next to the leaking water is a barrel of gunpowder, pick up some. Pick up the
rope. Open the chest at the bottom right of the screen and pick up the wine.

Go up one floor and enter the kitchen. Open the wall cabinet, pick up the
cereal, open it to find a prize, "look at" the prize to discover its a monkey
headed key. Pick up the pot on the kitchen counter.

Return to the Captain's bedroom, open the cabinet with the key, pick up the
chest, open it, and pick up the leaflet, "look at" it to discover it is a recipe
for a voodoo spell to take people to monkey island.

Return to the kitchen. Try and place every item from your inventory into the
cooking pot. Guybrush will refuse to put some items in, anything else will go in
and even if it's not part of the recipe it will help clear your inventory for
one you get to Monkey Island.

Once you've added all the correct items to the pot, it will explode, and
Guybrush will be knocked out by the fumes.

When he wakes up, use the Meléé Island treaseure map with the flames
below the cooking pot. Then return to the lower deck of the ship,
pick up some more gunpowder. Go to the main deck where the crew are sunbathing.

ZOMG - Were at Monkey Island!

Use the rope with the back end of the cannon. Use the Gunpowder with the cannon
nozzle. Finally, use the cooking pot to be human cannoned over to Monkey Island.


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[d]--- Part Three: Under Monkey Island:

After Herman Toothrot’s welcome, click anywhere on the screen to remove your
from the sand and put out the fire in your pants. Jeez, I bet that sounds weird
out of context... lol.

Pick up the Banana, and note the row boat, you'll be needing that later on. Read
the note. Be sure to pick up and read all the notes you find in the game, as
reading them all will give Xbox 360 users an achievement.

Click the jungle to enter the Monkey Island map.

On this island the map is bigger than the screen, so by walking to the edges of
it, the map will scroll over to reveal the rest of the island.

From the beach, go west, the map will scroll. You'll see another beach. Go to
it, pick up the note, and return to the Monkey Island map.

Option: You can talk to Herman more here for more back-story if you wish before
leaving for the map again..

On the far west side of the map you'll see a crater type structure, follow the
peak of the crater around to find the "Fort". Click on it to go there.

At the fort, pick up the rope, and push the cannon. Pick up
the cannon ball and the gunpowder.

Optional: You can talk to Herman more here for more back-story if you wish.
Return to the map.

Go east, follow the mountain ridge and you'll find the river fork. Go there.

Pick up the rock and the note, follow the path around to the walkway in the
rock. Go up it. Pick up the note. Pull/Push the rock see saw all the way so that
the rock is on the right, and the empty part of the see saw is on the left. Then
pull/push it back three times. Walk up the rock path to the top of the path.

Optional: You can talk to Herman more here for more back-story if you wish.

Push the rock off the top of the plateau. The rock will hit the see saw, and
send the big rock flying over to the beach and hitting the banana tree. You'll
know when it hits the banana tree as you'll hear Guybrush saying "Wow, that was
a one in a million shot!"

Note: If you don’t hit the boat with the rock, you will complete the game with
the crew coming with you, and stranding Herman on Monkey island. If you move the
rock see saw and hit the board with a rock, then you will strand the crew on the
island, and bring Herman with you to the end game. You need to complete both
scenarios for an Xbox 360 achievement.

Head back down the paths to the river's dam (picking up new notes on the way) -
where Guybrush says "Gosh, it sure is hot here". Use the Gunpowder with the
"Dam" (right hand side of the river, in the rocky bit). Then when stood at the
dam, use the flint rock with the cannonball. This bows the damn up and sends
water flowing down the river.

Return to the beach you washed up on to find two more bananas.

Return to the Monkey Island map, and head to the east to the "pond" at the end
of the river you flooded. There you will find a rope. Pick ip up, along with the

Optional: You can talk to Herman more here for more back-story if you wish.

Return to the map, head east more to the beach, pick up the message in a bottle
and read it. Return to the map, head further east to the Clearing. This is the
Monkey Headed entrance to LeChuck's lair. Remember where this is, we'll be back
here later.

Optional: You can talk to Herman more here for more back-story if you wish.

Return to the map and go to the "Crack" - just north of the beach where you
washed up.

Use one of your ropes with the strong branch. Climb down. Use the second rope
with the tree stump, climb down, pick up the oars, return to beach where you
washed up. Use the oars with the board.

Using the boat on the Monkey Island map, you can now row around to the north
side of the island, do this and click on the Beach to land the boat. Pick up the

Head to the jungle area to access the Monkey Island map. Head North west to the
Cannibal village. Go the far west part of the village, near the large monkey
head sacrifice area, and pick up the two bananas. Try to leave the village.

As you try to leave the village, you are confronted by the cannibals. They lock
you up in a hut. Note: Herman’s banana pickers are here, but we cant do anything
with them yet so don’t bother picking them up.

Pick up the note... jeez, all these bloody notes, haven’t they heard of twitter,
facebook or email???

Pick up the skull, and use the loose floor board. You will escape the hut and
automatically return to the Monkey Island map.


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Return to the beach you left your boat, then row back to the beach you washed up

Just north of this beach you will find a monkey walking around. Click on him.
This will bring up a jungle area screen with the monkey repeatedly walking
around and climbing trees. Give the monkey all five bananas to make him follow
you. If you gave him less than five bananas he would only follow you for a short

With the monkey, return to the Monkey Head entrance to LeChuck's lair. DO NOT
use the boat, you must walk!

When you reach the totem poles at the fence blocking you from accessing the
monkey head, click on the "nose" on the left hand totem and "pull" it. This
opens the gate. But when you let go, the gate closes. The monkey sees this and
hangs himself on the nose allowing you access to the Monkey Head.

Pick up the small idol directly in front of the monkey head. There are lots of
idols but you can only pick up one.

Return to the cannibal village, and give them the idol. They will be very
pleased and walk off. Walk into the hut you were originally locked up in, and
pick up the banana pickers. Leave the hut. As you leave the village you will see
Herman. Give him the banana pickers and he will give you the key to the Monkey

Return to the clearing with the Monkey Head and idols. Use the key in the
Monkeys Ear... what a weird key!

The monkeys mouth drops open and you can walk through here to get to LeChuck’s
lair. Enter the monkey head, but leave straight after, then return to the
cannibal village.

Ask the cannibals for the head of the navigator, but they wont give it to you as
its the only one, and they'd hate to lose it. Give them the leaflet from your
inventory named "How to get ahead in navigating". They give you the Navigators
head. We need to use this to find out way thru the catacombs to LeChuck’s lair.
The cannibals will also tell you that if you bring them a root they can make a
tonic to kill LeChuck off for good! Sounds great, lets do it!

Return to the Monkey Head. Enter it. "Use" the navigators head... you can "Talk"
to it too if you want! Follow his nose to the lair. For example, if you are at a
T-junction, and the head points left, you go left.

Follow this all the way to LeChuck’s ship. When you arrive the ship, do not go
it yet! Instead, talk to the navigators head, and ask him for the necklace he's
got wrapped around him - it makes you invisible to LeChuck's crew. You can ask
him nicely and "pretty please" him into submission, or you can threaten him by
saying you'll kick him into the lava. Choice is yours, either way he eventually
gives you the necklace. When you get it "Use" it.

Walk to the ship. You will vanish, and get a blue line shimmering around you. Go
the left of the deck, enter LeChuck’s cabin, and use the compass in your
inventory with the key hanging up. This will suck the key over to you without
alerting LeChuck.

Go back on deck, go to the mast, and at the bottom of it is a hatch. Go down
there. You'll see a Pirate sleeping with a bottle of grog in his hand. We come
to this in a minute. For now, go right, you'll enter the hold. Walk to where the
chickens are, and you'll find a feather on the floor. Pick it up. Return to the
sleeping pirate, and "use" the feather with the sleeping pirates feet. Do this
two or three times and he'll drop the grog. Pick it up.

Return to the hold with the chickens and pigs. Use the key from LeChuck’s room,
with the locked hatch. Go down, and use the grog with the rat's tray. This
kills it off. Now go and pick up the grease. Return to the main deck. Use the
grease with the right hand side door, the grease stops it squeaking. Enter, and
pick up the tools. "Great, more inventory".

Return to the hold with the animals, use the tools with the glowing chest, this
has the root in it, pick it up.

Return to the cannibals, give them the root. They give you a spritzer full of
Ghost Pirate zapping goodness (part of your five a day I’m sure!). Return to
LeChuck's lair. You'll find Bob there, all alone. LeChuck has left to go back to
the church on Meléé Island to marry Elaine! Nooooooooooooooo! At this point
either Herman, or your crew, will enter and talk to you and Bob - depending upon
whether you sunk the ship or not with the rock see saw.

[e]--- Part Four: Guybrush Kicks Butt:

You get returned to Meléé island docks, and a ghost appears. Zap him with the
spritzer and make your way to the church, zapping any ghosts who may get in your
way. Enter the church and use any of Guybrush's talk options to stop the

LeChuck is peeved... he's not a happy bunny at having the wedding stop. However,
just as you think about spritzing him, Elaine abseils down to the church floor
from the roof saying she had things under control all along and Guybrush didn’t
need chase after her to rescue her. NOW SHE TELLS US!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

Just as we find out that the bride of LeChuck is in fact two monkeys with
Elaine's bottle of Ghost Pirate Spritzer, they run off with it, leaving Guybrush
to spritz LeChuck.

OH NO!!! The bottle's squirter has jammed! LeChuck winds up for one heck of a
big punch right into Guybrush's face and send him sailing into the air and
landing in the Grog machine at Stan's Previously Owned Vessels. Stan tries to
sell LeChuck a boat and gets a punch in his face for his trouble too. LeChuck
rattles the grog machine and Guybrush falls out. Quickly pick up the bottle of
grog on the floor and "Use" it with LeChuck. If you don’t do it quick enough you
will get "punched" around the island until you successful spritz LeChuck with
the grog bottle. If you fail to pick up the grog bottle LeChuck will eventually
punch you back to Stan's, but only after visiting nearly every other landmark
site on Meléé Island.

And that’s that. When you've spritzed LeChuck, he explodes into the most
wonderful fireworks display that Meléé island has ever seen, and Elaine and
Guybrush, stand together admiring the show - a blossoming relationship starts.

The End.


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The Secret Of Monkey Island: Special Edition
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