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 Brutal Legend

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PostSubject: Brutal Legend   Tue Feb 23, 2010 10:34 pm


There are 59 achievements with a total of 1090 points.

Got a Car and a Date 15
Completed "Welcome to the Age of Metal"
Story related - you'll unlock this in the process of completing the game.
Start a Revolution 15
Completed "Exploited in the Bowels of Hell"
Story related - you'll unlock this in the process of completing the game.
Thick as a Baby's Arm 15
Completed "Lair of the Metal Queen"
Story related - you'll unlock this in the process of completing the game.
Hair Remover 15
Completed "Battle for Bladehenge"
Story related - you'll unlock this in the process of completing the game.
French Kiss Instructor 15
Completed "Pilgrimage of Screams"
Story related - you'll unlock this in the process of completing the game.
Chicks n' Booze n' Stuff 15
Completed "Sanctuary of Sin"
Story related - you'll unlock this in the process of completing the game.
Ran to the Hills 15
Completed "It's Raining Death"
Story related - you'll unlock this in the process of completing the game.
Fistfull of Fog 15
Completed "Dry Ice, Wet Graves"
Story related - you'll unlock this in the process of completing the game.
No More Tears 15
Completed "Sea of Black Tears"
Story related - you'll unlock this in the process of completing the game.
Groupie 25
Completed Campaign mode on Easy
Refer to "Legend"
Roadie 25
Completed Campaign mode on Normal
Refer to "Legend"
Legend 25
Completed Campaign mode on Brutal
The difficulty achievements are stackable. So, if you finish on Brutal, you'll unlock all three.
Overkill 20
Completed all hunting secondary missions
The Hunter can be found at two locations. First, you find him Here, surrounded by rocks and sitting near a campfire.

Then, after completing four of his missions, he moves over Here. He hangs out up a ramp, and to the right, again, sitting next to a campfire.

Most his missions are pretty straightforward. A couple of them are rather annoying if you don't where to look. So, here's where to look (For the troubling missions)

Reaper Steeds can be found around Here.
Guillotars can be found around Here.

After killing the four Hextadons, head back to the first place you found the hunter, and speak with him.
Squeal Like a Chicken 20
Completed all racing secondary missions
Tackle these missions once The Druid Plow (AKA The Deuce) is fully upgraded.

Tip: Do not touch Fletus' car! Do not! If you do, you'll more than likely get spun around and slammed off course into a tree. Give him a wide berth, and don't try to pass him in enclosed spaces. That's the best advice I can give . . . Good luck!
Protector 20
Completed 20 ambush, outpost defense, or mortar secondary missions
You only need to complete 20 missions TOTAL. You can complete any combination of the above secondary missions to get this.

The only ones I had trouble with were the Ambush missions, and didn't have trouble often. The best thing to do is drive the healer vehicle thing directly into the ranged enemies, stun 'em, hop off and start killing.
Metal God 50
Achieved 100% completion on the stats screen
For a map of all collectibles, click here!

All credit for that phenomenal map goes to Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter.

In order to get 100%, you need to find all the collectibles listed in the map above. In addition to getting all the collectibles, you'll have to kill a number creatures to get all the Creature concept art.

The creatures you have to kill are:

•Fan Leech (This one may be unlock during the course of story, I forget). If not, just load up an AI Practice match and keep killing them.
•Metal Queen Spider (Pretty sure this one is automatically unlocked, too)
•Sickle Wraith
•Laser panther
•Raptor Elk (Thanks to Dahaka)
•Razorfire Boar (Thanks to Dahaka)
•Hextadon (Thanks to Dahaka)
Unfortunately, there's one more set of concept art you need - Ironheade. You get this concept art by creating Ironheade units in stage battles. The more expensive the unit, the less you need to create.

This is best done in map, "Feeding Area" Summon your flag, and then set it down somewhere near the serpent. Everything you create will simply march to it's death. If, somehow they start piling up, just drive them off into the water. This will make them blow up, because as we all know, water is made of fire, gasoline and dynamite. You can do it against the AI, just make sure it's on Gentle, and keep a few units handy to fend off attacks.

To get the stage concept art, double team with your stage ( when close to it) for five minutes.

Note: It won't say that you unlocked the concept art until you hop off the stage.

Once you have everything required for 100%, load up your game, and go to the, "Stats" screen. The achievement will pop shortly after.

Now go forth, and get covered in metal god love!
Serpent Samaritan 10
Freed 40 Bound Serpents
Refer to "Metal God"
Serpent Spanker 15
Freed 80 Bound Serpents
Refer to "Metal God"
Serpent Savior 25
Freed all 120 Bound Serpents
Refer to "Metal God"
One Hit Wonder 5
Purchased 1 upgrade in the Motor Forge
Refer to "Loyal Customer"
Loyal Customer 25
Purchased all upgrades in the Motor Forge
This does not include Paint Jobs or Mt. Rockmore Effigies. You can skip those entirely and still get this achievement. Thanks, rabidkitty4.
Virtuoso 20
Learned all guitar solos
Refer to "Metal God"
Tourist 20
Viewed all vistas
Refer to "Metal God"
Now You Must Tell the Tale 20
View all Legends
Refer to "Metal God"
Voices From Beyond 20
Unlocked all songs in the Mouth of Metal
Refer to "Metal God"
Flowerslave 20
Summoned all Motor Forges
Refer to "Metal God"
Practice Bloody Practice 10
Won an AI Stage Battle - any difficulty
Play on Gentle and you can basically do nothing and win.
Iron Fist 20
Won an AI Stage Battle - Brutal difficulty
When I got this, I was playing as Ironheade, against The Drowning Doom, on the map, "Feeding Area." Here's how:

I first created two Razor Girl squads, and one Headbanger squad. I took them to capture the Geyser on the right side of the map. Once I had the Geyser, I created one Thunderhog, then I defended the geyser until I could afford to upgrade to stage level two. At this point, I created another Razor Girls squad, as well as a Fire Baron squad. I double teamed with a Fire Baron, and went to capture the two Geysers on the left side of the map.

At this point, it was rather easy. I defended that area as I built up my army, and then steamrolled the enemy.


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Number of posts : 1289
Age : 32
Localisation : Milwaukee
Registration date : 2006-12-05

PostSubject: Re: Brutal Legend   Tue Feb 23, 2010 10:34 pm

Victör 10
Won a ranked multiplayer match
Refer to "Conqueror"
Subjügator 20
Won 10 ranked multiplayer matches
Refer to "Conqueror"
Cönquerer 50
Won 50 ranked multiplayer matches
Here is a strategy, courtesy of Dahaka:

Start with the Ironheade faction. Key things to note: Disrupting the enemy is, at least right now, often the key to victory. Being able to multitask and efficiently command your army while you are messing with the opponent's hero/units/etc is absolutely necessary to consistently win. Damaging enemy units with lightning or powerslides, even if you don't kill them, goes a long long way.

My strategy basically involved capping one resource point really fast, usually one midfield if there were multiple options, building only a headbanger group, a ranged group, and a healer, while disrupting the enemy. Upgrade to tech level 2 ASAP, build vehicles, and then attack the base. Speed is success here, but this strategy will win you games. Things that make victory sure is getting hero kills (50 extra fans goes a long way toward tech research).
Master of the Flame 20
Double Teamed with every Ironheade unit
This can be done in Singleplayer.

To Double Team, move over to a friendly unit and press . You'll know you're in range, because in the bottom left side of the screen, you'll see an animation of what your Double Team attack will look like.
Master of the Tear 20
Double Teamed with every Drowning Doom unit
Refer to "Master of the Blood"
Master of the Blood 20
Double Teamed with every Tainted Coil unit
Same as Master of the Flame, but these can't be done in Singleplayer. You can, however, do these in AI practice mode.
Armchair General 20
Won a Stage Battle by yourself against the AI without attacking
Just to clarify, your units can attack, but your hero cannot. I assume that causing any form of damage with your hero will void the achievement.

Play on Gentle difficulty, and play against the Drowning Doom. You can use the solos, "Rally Army," "Summon Flag," and of course, "Fan Tribute." I'm not sure about any other solos though.
Favored 30
Acquired 3,000 Fire Tributes
This is cumulative. Feel free to spend them as you see fit and it won't stop you from getting the achievement.

If you find an Ironheade patrol, you can help them kill various groups of enemies and get rewarded in the form of 15 Fire Tributes. Honestly, though, it's easier just to hunt for collectibles. If you spot a patrol fighting, might as well help them.
Sellout 30
Spent 250,000 fans - any mode
Fans are Brutal Legend's token building resource. Every unit costs fans. Fans are generated by building Merch Booths over Geysers. To build a Merch Booth over a Geyser, destroy the Fan Leech attached to said Geyser, hold to bring up the solo menu, and select Fan Tribute. The Geyser must be under your control (Glowing green) in order build a Merch Booth. If it's red, that means it's under enemy control. Kill the enemies around the Geyser until it turns green.

You only have access to fans during stage battles. So buy hard, folks!

This is cumulative.
Some Demon Flesh on your Bumper 20
Slayed 150 enemies with the Deuce - any mode
Pretty simple. Hop in The Deuce (AKA Druid Plow), and run your enemies over, shoot them, blow them up, do whatever it is your Druid Plow does.
I've never touched an axe before 30
Personally smote 300 enemies - any mode
Kill your enemies with your Guitar.

If you want to, you can get this in the very beginning of the game, with all respawning enemies. It would be a major waste of time because you'll inevitably get it anyway, but you can do it if you want to.
Silence, groundwalker! 10
Gained 5 or more seconds of hang time in a single jump - any mode
This video can explain it quite a bit better than I can. All credit goes to Geoff & Jack of Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter.

YouTube - Brutal Legend: Silence, Ground Walker...
Six Degrees of Schafer 15
Played with or against another player who has this Achievement
This is a viral achievement. You have to play with or against someone who already has it. If you want to try and get this quickly, check the achievement trading thread HERE.
Ringleader 15
Trapped 15 enemies in one ring of fire with the Fire Baron's Double Team
This is best done when playing against the Tainted Coil, as they have more units per squad.

I did this in the Feeding Area map. From where you start, to the left is a small bit of land with two Fan Geysers on it. Capture both of them. Your goal is to draw the Tainted Coil units onto the long narrow stretch of land that leads to the two Geysers. When they're close, start driving up one side of the land, circle around and drive down the other side. This way, they'll have nowhere to run except back or forward, and since they're slower than your cycle, you should complete the ring of fire before they can escape.
Painkiller 15
Killed 25 enemies with the grinder of one Rock Crusher
To get this achievement, you have to run enemies over with the Rock Crusher. This is best done against the Drowning Doom. I'd recommend playing on the map, "Feeding Area."

First, create two Razor girl squads and one Thunderhog, then go take the geyser on the right. Make sure that the enemy can't upgrade by killing their hero. Defend that area until you've got your Rock Crusher, then head into the enemy's base and start running everything over. The enemy hero can be a problem, but if you try to run them over, they'll keep getting pushed back by the blades, and eventually they'll die. During this time, they can't do anything do anything to you, and most of the other units don't pose much threat.

You'll have to run over each unit two or three times to fully kill them.

Note: The type of units the AI creates are based on what units you have. So if they're not creating melee infantry, then you should create a bunch of ranged infantry, and get rid of vehicles and such.
Dollpocalypse 15
Hit 6 enemies with the explosion from a Brood's Double Team
The Brood is the little baby carriage/hot rod unit of the Drowning Doom. Play against the Tainted Coil or Drowning Doom. I recommend playing on the map, "Feeding Area," as it small, and thus, it is less likely that the enemy will scatter their forces.

Best thing to do is get to stage level three as quickly as possible. Capture the Geyser on the right first, then move on to the two on the left. Until you hit stage level three, only buy units when you absolutely have to. Once you hit stage level three, it should be pretty easy.

The reason you should rush to level three is because generally, as the AI gets more fans, and stage upgrades, they focus less on the powerful-in-large-groups types of enemies, and more on the vehicles. Needless to say, it's hard to hit 6 vehicles with one explosion from a baby carriage.
Euthanasia 15
Hit 15 enemies with one Agony Ball using the Pain Lifter's Double Team
The Pain Lifter is a Tainted Coil unit. It's basically an ultra-metalized catapult. It fires a - wait for it! - blood-puking eyeball covered in demon skin. After launching it, it basically turns into a game of Katamari. You move the eyeball around with the , and after twelve or so seconds, it explodes. To get the achievement you have to make the ball explode(), and the resulting explosion has to hit 15 enemies. Thanks, Dahaka!

Dahaka said to play against Ironheade for this one, as you should.

Now, onto getting the achievement. Create a Pain Lifter (Preferably Superior) and park it outside the enemy's base. Fly in and make sure there are at least 15 enemies. If so, drive the Pain Lifter right into the middle of them, and launch an Agony Ball right at your feet. They should be surrounding you, so as soon as the ball hits the ground, press to make it explode.
Death From Above 15
Killed 20 enemies with one Bleeding Death
The Bleeding Death is the Tainted Coil's token, "Ultimate" unit. You purchase it for 450 fans, then you play a solo to summon it at your current location. It has it's own freewill, and it despawns after roughly a minute.

Dahaka had a great strat for this. It's as follows: Play against Ironheade, let them take all fan geysers and mass units. Focus on upgrading, and creating a small defensive force. When they have a lot of units, run in & summon it. Thanks, Dahaka!

Now, there are a few things I'd like to add to this strategy: Instead of letting them take ALL the fan geysers, grab the one on the right until you're at stage level three, then abandon it and let the enemy take it. This will ensure you're not defenseless when, and if they do attack. It'll also speed up the process a bit.

When you're ready to attack (They have at least 17 or so units) create a Skull Raker (Preferably superior), double team with it, run into the enemy's base and destroy their Merch Booth. This is important because if you don't, there's a good chance that the Bleeding Death will spend a good chunk of it's time alive trying to destroy the Booth. You don't want this. Just make sure that after the booth is destroyed (And the Bleeding Death is summoned) you get your Skull Raker the hell out of there, or else he'll end up taking the Bleeding Death's kills.
Coolest Thing Ever 15
Jumped over a Hextadon in the Deuce
I'll leave this to Jack & Geoff of Achievement Hunter. All credit goes to them for the video.

YouTube - Brutal Legend: Coolest Thing Ever,...

If that doesn't work for you (The Hextadon isn't always there) I found another place in which to get this achievement. It's right in This area.

Same method applies as in the Achievement Hunter video. Lure it towards the side of the mountain, then floor it.

Beast Master 15
Rode every animal in the world
To ride an animal, stun it by targeting it and pressing . Some animals have to have to shocked more than once to become stunned. You have to zap the animal quickly to stun it. In other words, you can't zap them twice, wait three seconds, then zap them three more times and expect it to stun them.

If you find that the animals are dying before they get stunned, switch to a weaker guitar, such as Original Strings.

The animals you need to ride(And where to find them), In order of appearance:

•Raptor Elk & Tollusk (These guys are all over the place, really)
•Razorfire Boar
•Laser Panther
•Reaper Steed

Boar Bather 50
Rode a Razorfire Boar into the Sea of Black Tears and live to tell the tale.
As far as I know, you have to have beaten the campaign to be able to get this. Anyway, here's how:

Go here.

Target a boar, press to stun it, then hop on.

Ride it to here(And into the hole at the bottom of the long, long ramp).

Once you're inside, head straight. You'll see a ramp, ride the boar to the edge of the ramp, and just before it goes off, press to hop off the boar. The boar will go sailing into the Sea of Black Tears - Hopefully. The boar doesnt go as far as you might think when you dismount. May take multiple tries - and you'll get the achievement.

If you'd prefer a video walkthrough:

YouTube - Brutal Legend: Boar Bather Achievement...

All credit for the video goes to Jack & Geoff of Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter.
Quill Tosser 20
Killed a Tollusk using only Ground Urchins
The hardest part about this achievement is just finding a Tollusk that isn't being mauled by your teammates.

Anyway, Ground Urchins are those little porcupine things with the metal spines. Tollusks are the big half-dog, half-ape-like things with the big fists.

You have to throw the Ground Urchins at the Tollusk. To throw a Ground Urchin, stun it (), then move over to it and pick it up with . Target the Tollusk, and press to throw the Ground Urchin at it. You should have to throw about eight or so.
Carnivore 10
Run down 20 animals in the Deuce with the Coiling Maw equipped.
Go to a Motor Forge and equip the Coiling Maw. It is free to buy and located in the deuce upgrades. Leave the Motor Forge and floor it, running over every ground urchin you see. Please note that once the coiling maw is equipped, it cannot be removed.
If You Want Blood, You Got It 10
Kill 20 Tainted Coil units with the Disgorger.
Head to a motor forge, go to secondary weapons, and equip the Disgorger. Again, it is free to buy. Go to Motorway Bridge leading to the pleasure palace. There are usually a lot of Tainted Coil units there. Jump in the deuce and just hold the .
Cry Me a River 10
Kill 20 Drowning Doom units with the Eye of Sorrow.
Go to Motor Forge, go to primary weapons and buy the free gun. Equip it and drive to the swamp/place you do "dry ice, wet graves". Look around for Drowning Doom units and hit . It will auto lock onto a target, making this quiet easy.
Beard Beard Action Beard! 10
Make out with Ophelia while wearing the Mountain Man Threads.
Go to a Motor Forge, go to threads and buy the free outfit called Mountain Man. see Norwegian Sendoff for the location of Ophelia. This achievement can only be obtained after finishing the game.
A Face Like a Beast 10
Kill 15 enemies with a Metal Beast while wearing the Zaulia Threads.
Go to the Motor Forge. Go the threads and buy the free outfit Zauila, then head to the swamp. Jump on a metal beast and then start burning stuff with the button.
Hammer of Infinite Fate Tourist 10
Play a multiplayer game on all Hammer of Infinite Fate multiplayer maps.
Head to multiplayer and select AI practice, set it to most gentle and win on all four maps. The four maps are:
• Coiled Remains
• Altar of Blood
• The Amplified Cliffs
• Crucible of the Titans

See Hammer of Fate Champion for tips.
Hammer of Fate Champion 10
Win 10 games on Hammer of Infinite Fate maps - ranked or vs. the Brütal AI.
There are two ways to do this achievement - either win ten ranked match-made battles or ten battles against Brütal AI. The best way to get this is on a map you feel comfortable with against Brütal AI, use THIS link.
Whispering Rock 10
Chisel four Razputin heads onto Mt. Rockmore.
Go to the Motor Forge and buy the free head of Razputin. Head to Mt. Rockmore and change all four heads to Razputin. Watch this video for the location of Mt. Rockmore.

YouTube- Brutal Legend: Mount Rockmore
Norwegian Sendoff 10
Visit the grave of a fallen hero while wearing the Black Metal Threads.
Go to the Motor Forge and head to threads. Buy the free outfit called, Black Metal Threads. Then watch this video to find out where you do this and the Ophelia achievement.


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Brutal Legend
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