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 Castlevania - Harmony of Despair

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PostSubject: Castlevania - Harmony of Despair   Sat Sep 04, 2010 1:57 pm

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Lifeguard 10
Bring a comrade back from the dead.
When playing an online game, make sure to find a blue treasure chest. These contain a Water of Life, which you need to have in order to resurrect a fallen teammate. Once a teammate dies, go to them and click when prompted.
Slick Kick 10
Defeat a boss using sliding.
Best performed on Chapter 1's boss, Gergoth. Make sure that when you first meet him, to push down on the , and attack at his feet with either primary or secondary/magic attacks. This will eventually break his anklets, and help you to cause a lot more damage to his legs. Once he dashes towards you and jumps back to break the floor of the top level, continue to attack him normally until you start doing about 200-250 damage. From there, begin to slide kick back and forth. Make sure you bring some Healing Potions just in case your HP is low, because slide kicking him will take damage away from you too.
Bone Cold Justice 10
Defeat an enemy by hitting back a Skeleton's bone.
The normal skeleton enemies have one attack, which is a bone throw. This achievement requires you to deflect a bone back at the enemy or a different one behind them. This is best acquired by quickly coming up to the skeletons on Chapter 4. If you play by yourself, you will spawn on the bottom left corner where a row of skeletons and knights are located. Just approach them normally and as soon as you see his arm come back, jump and attack with your primary attack weapon. This bone must be hit on the way up, as you will destroy the bone when it begins to come down. This achievement will unlock after the skeleton's bone hits the same skeleton or even an enemy behind him.
Grim Synergy 10
Defeat a boss using a Dual Crush.
Best performed on Chapter 1's boss, Gergoth. After you cause him to charge you and jump back on the top floor, breaking the floor out from under you, deal about 200-250 damage while he is on the bottom floor. This should be plenty of damage for you to be able to kill him with Duel Crush in 1 or 2 shots. Sync up with a teammate by going to them and clicking when Duel Crush is prompted. Once they also click , you'll perform your synchronized attack. Repeat if necessary.
Poetic Justice 15
Defeat an ally who has been seduced by the enemy.
Dracula can only seduce Shanoa and Charlotte. To get this achievement, make sure one of your teammates is one of the girls, and when Dracula performs his "hearts" technique and hits Shanoa/Charlotte, go to and attack them quickly before the spell wears off. Can be boosted easily with a weak Shanoa/Charlotte.
Vampire Hunter 15
Destroy the lord of Castlevania.
Dracula is the final boss in the series of Chapters in Castlevania: Harmony of Despair. The achievement requires you to defeat him, whether that is in Single Player or Multiplayer. The good news, even if you are dead and in bone form, this achievement will still unlock for you.

Dracula has three forms. His first form is the easiest, but don't be fooled, he can still deal a lot of damage:

Form 1: Dracula will start out as his normal self. He'll teleport to different areas of the room and throw fireballs, cast fire from under your feet, or throw meteorites. The difficult thing about the meteorites is that sometimes he will combine the fire from the ground with the meteorites. Good timing between the fire and jumping over the meteors will keep you safe from this attack. To defeat Dracula in this form, attack his head. The best strategy is to jump kick off of his head as soon as he appears to get behind him. This will make his attacks useless against you, and gives you free range at his head. Continue this strategy until he begins a new transformation.

Form 2: The second form is Dracula as a demon/devil like monster. His attacks are varied once more, as he will spit a fireball on the ground that paths across the screen, throw poison on the ground while jumping back or forth, shoots a giant beam equivalent to Gergoth (Chapter 1's boss), and throws Ghost Chasers that will curse you (Completely depleting your MP). There are two strategies that you can use;

The first strategy requires you to have a character with long-distance attacks, as you can sit in the left corner of the screen and be safe for a majority of this form. You only need to watch out for the Ghost Chasers, fireball attack, and giant beam, which can all be avoided with a simple jump.

The second strategy requires a heavy hitter. If you can deal 30+ damage with your primary attack, you can sit at Dracula's front foot, (as close as you can) and just attack his feet continually with your primary attack weapons. When he releases the Ghost Chasers, just run to the opposite side of the screen. If he jumps forward to do poison, dash behind him (or else you will be poisoned). The only other attack that can get you is the giant beam, which can also be avoided by running to the opposite side and then double-jumping.

Continue to attack from your desired side, and this form will go down in no time.

Form 3: Dracula's final form is a crazy-looking 3-headed beast. His attacks are varied and all very strong. If you are playing as a girl, he'll do a possession spell where a circle of hearts appear. This will take control of your character, and can be extremely dangerous, so time your jump and avoid these as best as possible. Demonic Mechidome and the purple laser attack can both be avoided by crouching in the left or right corner. He also does a fireball technique identical to Form 2, but Form 3's is two fireballs that go both directions. Again, a simple jump will avoid this danger. He also does a fire from under technique similar to Form 1, however this time he spawns about six that tend to follow your movement. Slide kicking across the screen is the fastest and safest way to avoid this. Randomly, he will do this melee/claw attack back and forth across the screen. Sitting in the corner is still safe from this. Lastly, his Triangle Attack. This one is the most deceiving and can be the difference between defeating Dracula and dying. He throws out about six prisms/triangles that target your location. Your best bet is to stand in the corners and time your first jump to jump the first two, then duck the second two, and then jump the third two.

To defeat Dracula in this final form, you have to attack his head(s). Shanoa's Lightening ability, Jonathon's boomerang, and Charlotte's Ghost Chasers are great for this Form, as two of these abilities actually home in on the target, and they can all simply hang out in the corner and avoid much harm. If you were rich enough to buy Soma's RPG, he can do the same thing by spamming the attack in the corner. Only problem with that is you will only hit once every 3 shots or so. Lastly, the brave attempt of going into the middle of the beast and attacking head on. This is the quickest route, but also the most dangerous. As soon as Dracula grunts to signify his next major attack, slide kick into a corner to be safe, and then return after the attack has subsided.

NOTE: When attacking, Form 3 will glow a light blue and a darker blue at random. When he's light blue, only melee attacks damage him, and when he's dark blue, only magic attacks damage him.
Grasshopper 20
Jump kick 30 times in a row without touching the ground.
Best performed on Chapter 1's boss, Gergoth, since he is really slow boss that is also fairly big, making him easy to hit. From the start of the left-side ledge, jump onto his back with any character, (excluding Charlotte) and push + while in the air to perform a jump kick. While on his back, just keep holding down and pressing repeatedly.

Also, this can more easily be obtained via co-op by doing the same action on your partner's head.
Boned 20
Defeat a boss with 5 players in skeleton form.
Best performed on Chapter 1's boss, Gergoth. Simply form a team of six players, and once you are to the boss, request that all players (besides you, obviously) purposely die during the boss battle. Once everyone but you is in bone form, simply finish off Gergoth and everyone in the game gets the achievement.
Pack Rat 20
Collect 300 different types of items.
You must collect 300 different items throughout the game. However, they do not have to be in your inventory for the achievement to unlock. You simply just had to have the item for it to be recorded in your Item Compendium. Some people have reported that the achievement didn't unlock until their Item Compendium recorded 314 items, so don't be discouraged if you have 300 items and no achievement. Remember that some characters have unique items, so playing with each character will give you more unique items from chests, as well as magics, powerups, and secondaries.
Wicked Deep Pockets 20
Amass 1,000,000 gold.
Collect gold, sell items, just play the game! This will take some time to finally get, but you will make progress towards this achievement by just playing the game. Keep playing, and eventually it will unlock.
Slaughtervania 20
Rack up 10,000 enemy kills.
One of the Castlevania series' main drawing points is killing enemies, and this one is no different. You'll be killing enemies left and right, and fortunately, all the different character's kill-numbers tally together. Meaning you don't have to worry about getting 10,000 with one single character, everything you kill will count towards this achievement.
Hunter Legend 30
Complete Hard Mode.
Finish the game on the second runthrough, Hard Mode. This will require a lot of time and patience. Try to form a solid team of players. While you can try to finish it by yourself, it will require so much time and dedication that you are much better off fighting with others.

Forming a team, if anyone has a high leveled Shanoa, have them use her. If someone has a high leveled Charlotte with high-level healing abilities, she is a must. These two are essential for a comfortable run on Hard Mode.

Make sure you go into Hard Mode well equipped, well leveled, and well prepared. Whatever character you tend to play with, you must have them to a position where they can hold there own in any given room. You can not rush into Hard Mode like Normal, or you will die very quickly. Try to use strategize with your team, and slowly take out one enemy at a time. This will help reserve health, as well as potions. Sticking together is also key, as this will help you to do more attack damage on the enemies you are attacking. Also try finding all of the hidden food in the levels, as these will boost certain stats for the rest of that Chapter, making it that much better when fighting certain enemies and bosses.

As for the bosses, learn their moves and learn to avoid them. In Hard Mode, their attacks do double, if not more damage, meaning the Puppet Master from Chapter 2 can pretty much kill you in one hit (Puppet/Coffin). If you are playing with a team, form a strategy and follow it. As long as you know how to avoid the bosses' attacks and work together to heal each other and attack the boss, Hard Mode's bosses are very doable.

NOTE: For Puppet Master, just have a Shanoa using lightning (or Soma with an RPG) on him from a distance to get rid of the mini-puppets as well as deal damage to Puppet Master. When Puppet Master spawns a puppet to put in the coffin, have everyone focus on attacking that doll. It's not the amount of damage that counts, it is how many times you attack it. So have everyone attack the doll quickly, and as much as you can to take it out before someone dies. Continue to attack using this strategy, follow Puppet Master if needed, and you should be fine.


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Castlevania - Harmony of Despair
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